About us

Mapeex is a design and development solution provider for any team or racing organisation aiming to create a winning machine: from the Flywheel to the wheel hub, every components’ geometry is thoroughly evaluated to optimize the level of performance. Profound knowledge  and understanding of the product in any environment and running condition allows Mapeex to anticipate and integrate any constraints possibly affecting performance and/or reliability of the product into the development process. Continually considering and adapting to the latest changes in regulations or evolving technologies, the Mapeex team makes sure the final product corresponds to the latest standards and specifications.The highly efficient collaboration with Mapeex ltd has already resulted in WRC winning designs, and has by now gained the trust of many players of major series by delivering top solutions in extremely short periods of time.

Over 20 years of experience in the top field of Motorsport, plus a flexible business model makes Mapeex a reliable and efficient provider of solutions tailored exactly to your needs:

Mapeex offers complete and bespoke package design, either from clean sheet or existing designs, on-site work availability to integrate easily into your existing team, plus the benefits of a broad,reliable network to guarantee maximum efficiency to meet any specification and budget.

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