3D scanning and Aero Analysis


Aero Analysis – Understanding your race car to cut lap times

Tuning the setup of the car to the circuit layout & driver style is crucial to winning races. With little time to test before the race and time pressure to change set up during the race, it’s essential to have a good understanding of how the car works. An aero map will provide you with the aerodynamic performance parameters (like lift, drag and aero balance) for different setups of the car (like ride height, wing angle, …). If the required CAD model is not available, a 3D scan of the physical product will do the trick: this method can provide a result accuracy below 0.5 mm.

Mapeex and AirShaper formed a strategic partnership to bring a one-stop aero analysis package for racing teams: High-quality 3D scan, complete 3D model & tailored aerodynamic analysis – all this at an attractive price. Thanks to Mapeex´profound experience in Motorsports, which allows highly efficient scanning and post-treatment services, and AirShaper’s unique ability to work with open-surface 3D models and automated simulation platform & pricing per simulation.